This is my very first blog post.  You will discover immediately I am not a seasoned writer, but that hasn’t stopped most the other content creators out there.  Coming live and direct from (16O) and the home of the free.  I have a purpose which is to “doGood”.  I have so many Ideas that none of them get done, or even started on.  So this is a step in the doGood path.  I want to celebrated other doGooders, highlight their accomplishments,  and tell their story.  I want to discover and create, becoming a better doGooder myself.  Ultimately to make the world a better place.  

This is not easy task, which is why I would like to make it my full time job.  You see, I’m writing this from my computer at work.  On the clock? Yes Sirrr.  

Volunteer, got to give.  Help others, find the beauty in all fellow human beings, creatures, and most def nature.  Become present, and all that good stuff.  It’s really as easy as saying it.  Carl? PRESENT! See.

I will be blogging about ideas on how to do all this and more.  Please tune in and let me know where and when we could work together.  Be good.  -Carl Hooper